Jana's Lab - AI for Pathology

OctoPath research Lab stands at the crossroads of medical exploration and technological innovation within the Department of Pathology. Named in homage to the octopus, a creature famed for its versatility and multimodal intelligence, OctoPath Lab embodies a similar spirit of integration and adaptability. The lab harness the power of artificial intelligence, medical data, and computer science to enhance diagnosis, prognosis, biomarker discovery and treatment planning in pathology and beyond. We explore the depth of medical data, integrating multimodal histology, radiology, omics data, together with familial history, and treatment plans, yielding a holistic perspective to identify clinically relevant biomarkers of treatment responses, toxicities, and patient outcomes. The lab focuses on the development of novel algorithms and software, alongside the investigation of pertinent medical needs in oncology, immunology, organ transplantation and other disease areas. By fostering a collaboration and interdisciplinary synergy, the OctoPath Lab strives to deliver AI solutions that empower both pathologists and researchers. We are affiliated with UCI School of Medicine, UCI Health Medical Center, and UCI Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center. We actively collaborate with universities and medical centers across USA and Europe, and are always open to new partners to join us in mapping the uncharted waters of medical understanding.

Lab Overview

Overview of OctoPath research directions. For more info see Research and Publications


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🏢 825 Health Sciences Rd. Medical Sciences I D434, Irvine CA 92697